October 2010

Most Landlords Would Expand

An overwhelming 95% of landlords in a recent survey said they would either increase or maintain their current portfolio. However, many of them are finding it extremely difficult to find lenders who will lend to them in their current situations. Although finance continues to be  a challenge, there are still huge opportunities within the property market for those that really pursue them. 


November 2010

UK interest rates have been left at 0.5% following the Bank of England's latest meeting.The cost of borrowing has been at a record low since March 2009 and most economists do not expect the central bank to raise rates in the near term.







A&J Investments is a company which specialises in sourcing and purchasing property and land, both in the U.K. and abroad. We also establish syndicates, which have as their aim, the creation of a portfolio of investments in, and the purchase of, properties and wholesale areas of land.

Hardly a day passes without a report appearing in the press concerning the residential or commercial property markets. Although we are facing some incredible economic challenges, property still remains one of the strongest investments around.

We at A&J Investments are convinced that there are a wealth of opportunities in the property market, which are available to investors today. Whether you wish to invest for the future, or replace your existing income, the potential is there to be successful. With the help of our growing network of contacts, we can offer a range of services tailored to your individual needs.     


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